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Hollow Earth Theory, Constitution Material, etcetera---(links numbered by groups of 25)


United States Patent 1096102: The Hollow Earth Theory
Marshall Gardner's scientific Hollow Earth Theory
Oklahom a City Bombing Fact Pak
a very large site providing irrefutable evidence that the federal government was responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing
Bar on, Kaysing, Rene
brief article summarizing over twenty items of evidence for massive deception in the Space program
The Abbott and Costello Home Page
fine tribute site to these two legendary comedians
The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman Home Page
account of one, among many inventors, who has developed a fully authenticated motor which produces more energy than it consumes
Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
comprehensive page dealing with the Waco Massacre, an event in which seven of the Ten Amendments in our Bill of Rights were violated
Dick's WebSite
fascinating site which does not contain the entire collective knowledge of mankind...only the most interesting subjects
Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto
"The Communist program from the start has been one which sees their revolution of 1917 as successful only upon total domination of the world".
Fake Moon Landing--A Hoax
intriguing page regarding the splendid suppressed science book of R. Rene: NASA Mooned America!
My JFK Links
loads of material provided by Henry May concerning the available mountain of evidence proving unquestionably that the government murdered President Kennedy
The Roswell Alien UFO Crash Resource
superb page with tons of evidence that the Roswell Crash was something far more significant than a "weather balloon"; aviators from the Earth's Interior more likely than extraterrestrial visitors
The Growing Trojan Horse Within America
very important site: "Dedicated to exposing the presence & growth of foreign troops & military bases on U.S. soil"
AAA America Announce Archive-Matilda Search Engine
worldwide collection of search engines
Faked Moon Landings?
superb photographic and text page which does a great job of proving that the Apollo astro-nots never went close to the Moon
Zundels ite--Welcome!
important site which effectively demonstrates that the truth about World War Two is very different than the propaganda artists would have us believe
World War Two Revisionism
"The Virtual Museum of the Judeo-Bolshevik Holocaust Against Eastern Europe...Jewish Communists: A Documentary Record..." ** Please read both The Talmud and Behind Communism for vital evidence.
Conspiracy Nation
a fascinating site which offers speculation and plenty of documented facts regarding numerous political and other conspiracies
Confe derate States of America Home Page
"The War for Southern Independence was NOT a war about slavery. Do not proceed further operating under that false assumption".
Ron Brown's Loose Lips Seal His Fate
fascinating article makes it abundantly clear that Commerce Secretary Ron Brown was a problem that needed to be swiftly removed; solution: plane crash
Gun Owners of America
a highly informative site that does not compromise on endorsing the most important part of the United States Constitution: the Second Amendment
Colloid al Silver--The Rediscovery of a Super Antibiotic?
intriguing site presents evidence pertaining to an inexpensive substance which has a very beneficial affect on health...much to the chagrin of the drug industry *** also see link #84
T he Murder of Vince Foster
fascinating page about the 'suicided' White House Deputy Counsel, Vince Foster...placed in Fort Marcy Park, but sure didn't die there
TWA Flight 800
great site which offers loads of evidence that TWA Flight 800 was shot down by a missile launched from the sea
Nexus Magazine
superb international science and freedom magazine, which graciously printed my Hollow Earth article in their January 1995 issue
*** 25th LINK*** Bill Clinton's Body Count
important page dealing with a higly illegal political activity that is unfortunatly not unique to the present President
The Jonestown Genocide
"By the time the Guyana massacre rolled around, the masses...swallowed the official version and waited obediently for the next big lie".
Assassin ation Of Martin Luther King
" investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding King's death, examining a bewildering and contradictory tapestry of unsettling evidence".
Founding Documents--Matt R. Erickson
site includes our magnificent Declaration of Independence; although the Declaration originally specified corrupt foreign government, it relates at least as well to our present domestic authoritarians
UFOmind Top Level
statement near top of this tremendous page: "World's Largest and Best Organized UFO Website...Over 17,000 documents on this server"
Khobar Towers Bomb Crater
important page offering photo of highly visible crater produced by a truck bomb in Saudi Arabia; no crater in front of damaged Oklahoma City Federal Building proves explosions were inside of building.
USS Liberty
significant site dealing with the underreported June 8,1967 sustained Israeli air and sea attack upon the USS Liberty
Poss e Comitatus
excellent page includes rule book excerpts from the Bible and the Talmud, demonstrating that the contrast between Christianity and Judaism is much larger than the controlled press has suggested
M ilitia of Montana
very good site of an outstanding patriotic organization; MOM's strict dedication to the Constitution has not endeared it to our de facto federal government
KeelyNet WWW Home Page
superb page supplying a huge quantity of information on suppressed energy technologies
Pear l Harbor--Mother of All Conspiracies
"...everything that the Japanese were planning to do was known to the United States..." ARMY BOARD, 1944
Wou nded Knee Massacre
important site concerning the 1890 government massacre at Wounded Knee; unlike with that at Waco in 1993, this massacre was easily covered up in pre-electronic era
The Spotlight Home Page
home page for weekly print newspaper that is highly unusual, in that it is not part of the controlled press
Was It Only A Paper Moon?
great site dealing with the superb video by James Collier which effectively demonstrates that no one has travelled by rocket to the Moon
Report On Alleged German Gas Chambers And Crematories
"...delousing facility...showed a cyanide content of 1050 mg/kg...The absence of any consequential readings...compared with the control sample...these facilities were not execution gas chambers".
The Israeli Holocaust Against The Palestinian People
"One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail".--Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, February 27, 1994
D ark Side of the Moon Landings
splendid photo and text evidence for Apolloscam
P ort Chicago--USA's Dark Secret
shocking but true information dealing with the actual first atomic detonation; many citizens were deliberatly killed in the 1944 test blast
Senator Joseph McCarthy--The Real McCarthy Record
excellent article provides rarely heard truth about perhaps the greatest victim of charactor assassination in U.S. history; McCarthy correctly exposed massive treason in the federal government
A IDS and Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
important site reveals proof of major criminal activity by the government in the area of secret experiments upon the citizenry
Ruby Ridge Setup
significant page gives information about federal tyranny inflicted on American family several months before the Waco Massacre
Apollo Moon Missions Anomalies and Inconsistencies
another superb page offering solid evidence that the Apollo program was mostly fiction
Constitution Society
"The principles of constitutional republican government form the basis for discussions of every legal and political issue".
Nikol a Tesla
true story of the single greatest inventor who ever lived; inventing free wireless electricity earned Tesla the enmity of the super-rich utility industry owners, such as bankster J.P. Morgan
DixieNet FrameSet
less than 10% of Southern homes with slaves; Massachusetts first slave State; all slave ships chartered out of Boston/NYC; in 1860 over half federal taxes taken from just four Southern States
***50th LINK*** Committee For Open Discussion Of The Holocaust Story
significant page effectively demonstrates that some of World War Two German history occured differently than is claimed by the controlled press

Hollow Earth Theory, Constitution Material, etcetera---(part two: link #51-#?)

Patrick Henry's Speech
***** Part Three is malfunctioning, so additional links will be added here in Part Two. ** Patrick Henry's magnificent pre-Revolutionary War speech
Th e Federalist Papers Online
"The Federalist Papers were written and published during the years 1787 and 1788 in several New York State newspapers to persuade New York voters to ratify the proposed constitution".
CONSP IRACY NEWS--An alternative news source
comprehensive page of very interesting information, including a link to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on Electronic Telegraph
Adela ide Institute--The Final Intellectual Adventure Of The 20th Century
another very good site offering strong evidence that the truth about World War Two is quite different than the propaganda artists would have us believe
News Reports From Christopher Ruddy
great page offers many intriguing articles by the author of the book: The Strange Death Of Vincent Foster; Clinton's deputy counsel received an involuntary 'suicide' in 1993
"Roby Ridge" Illinois Siege
"If some tragic 'accident' were to befall Shirley Allen, government officials would be the only witnesses. Would we believe them?"
The Ultimate UFOLOGISTS WWW Page
massive page offering loads of evidence for the existence of gravity-control vehicles, most of which are products of NWO governments such as the U.S.
Other Bigfoot/Sasquatch Web Pages
collection of links dealing with an intriguing subject
E Pluribus Unum
superb site of the Unorganized Militia of Ohio, an organization dedicated to strict adherence to the United States Constitution
Web Thumper's MIDI Page
service offers free background music for web pages; if you don't hear background music right now, it is because I don't presently have audio ability (10-4-97)
Thomas Paine National Historical Association
"When people fear the government, there is tyranny. When government fears the people, there is liberty".--Thomas Paine
The Campaign for Radical Truth in History
very important page includes a detailed repudiation of establishment fiction regarding the primary managers responsible for transforming Russia into the Communist nation called the Soviet Union
Sightings at Military & Nuclear Installations
fascinating site offers many specific accounts of significant UFO sightings; while most observations of UFOs are of top secret military vehicles, some are from elsewhere
Orbit 7 Radio Network
network provides remarkably honest programs such as Radio Free America; while some AM-FM shows are fairly non-suppressed, they generally cannot match shortwave for uncensored political speech
Diss ident AIDS: The Rising Voices of Opposition
intriguing page provides comparison between the unevidenced claims of the AIDS establishment and the proof of the AIDS dissidents
Sons of Confederate Veterans
another outstanding site dealing with the suppressed truth about the War for Southern Independence
Figh t the Fingerprint!
very interesting page dealing with the government's no longer gradual steps toward the Mark of the Beast universal money and control system
Thrust SSC Web Site
engrossing site about dual jet-engine Thrust SSC, first supersonic land vehicle; not all jets produce opaque exhausts, but all rockets do. The Apollo LM rockets had no opaque exhausts.
"Your newspaper, magazine, and interactive news and information source specializing in UNreported and UNDERreported news. Link and spread the word about Web Today".
Brassroots Home Page
very good page providing no-compromise information about the Second Amendment right of private gun ownership; this Amendment is by far the most important part of the United States Constitution
De-Central Intelligence Agency
excellent site supplies loads of evidence for collosal criminal activity by unconstitutional Central Intelligence Agency
NIIN: Vaccination Update
" hundred years of orthodox research shows that vaccines represent a medical assault on the immune system".
Matrix: Conspiracies, Crimes, & Cover-Ups
outstanding page which is loaded with proof supporting fascinating suppressed subjects
Fletcher Prouty Reference Site
site of the real life "Mr. X" from Jim Garrison's important meeting in Washington, D.C. park, as portrayed in Oliver Stone's superb movie: JFK
***75th LINK*** Biological Effects Of Fluorides
great page exposing the government's big money fluoridation scam: "Fluorides are medically categorized as protoplasmic poisons, which is why they are used to kill rodents"
Paralytic Polio Linked To Vaccinations
"In justifying the continued push for vaccinations...they would have us believe that polio vaccinations had saved us from this terrible scourge. Nothing could be further from the truth"
Free American Newsmagazine
site of superb print periodical which is among the tiny minority of print media which refuses to submit to political censorship
Micha el New Official Home Page
significant page about United States soldier Michael New, who refused to violate the Constitution by serving a foreign power, the global socialist entity known as the United Nations
American Heritage Library
fine site includes much patriotic American poetry
Hugh's HAARP Info Page
"It's being assembled on a military base in Alaska...designed to concentrate several megawatts into an intense beam of almost unimaginable strength..."
E nvironmentalism: NWO Socialism
"...current trends and policies which seem to have just 'naturally arisen' suddenly take on a far more sinister and threatening aspect..."
The World of Benjamin Franklin
extensive collection of material about one of the most important of America's founders
Media Bypass
site for a very good monthly print magazine which proivdes a wealth of uncensored news
The Patriot Page
great page includes clear color assembly diagram for a home-built colloidal silver generator *** also see link #21
BioWar/Bio Terrorism
excellent site deals with some of numerous illegal biological and chemical experiments conducted on U.S. citizens by the de facto government
Crop Circles of 1997
splendid page provides many photographs of non-faked crop markings--(fast produced and very elaborate); more likely caused by military satellites than extraterrestrials
"Throughout the history of the alien or E.T. experience phenomena, numerous reports have surfaced that describe encounters with mysterious humanoid beings..."--from the Earth's Interior?
Princess Diana's Murder
"...the fact that French authorities had apparently made no effort to track down the Fiat Uno that had shoved Diana's Mercedes 280S toward the pylon."
Undergrou nd Bases: A Lecture by Phil Schneider
enthralling material exposes one of the international socialists' most carefully hidden secrets; NWO preperations have involved extensive use of atomic tunneling machines
Sea Serpents & Lake Monsters
intriguing site goes into much detail regarding real animals which are not yet officially acknowledged to exist
Logical Physics and Conspiracy
"...the conspiracy behind the Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission...real ownership of the Federal Reserve System..."
Spontaneou s Human Combustion
"...cannot duplicate the complete destruction of bones in such a short period of ordinary rooms such as living rooms..."
FEMA- -The U.S. Shadow Government
"Aren't you glad that the power to declare 'National Emergencies' or to declare that individuals or groups are 'terrorists' rests solely in President Clinton's wise and selfless hands?"
After-Death Communication
"They collected more than 3,300 firsthand accounts from people who believe they have been contacted by a loved one who had died".
The Inorganic Origin Of Oil
---defective description area--- **proof that oil is a renewable resource**
ParaScope: Something Strange Is Happening
**great conspiracy material site**
The New American
page for excellent print magazine which does admirable job of exposing NWO operations
The Secret Wars Of The CIA
**testimony of veteran agent concerning massive criminal activity by CIA**
The All Seeing Eye
**superb conspiracy information page**
**future Betrayal Of Ferdinand Marcos page**
Assassination Of Alfred Herrhausen
**Bilderberg Group assassination of super-rich bankster Alfred Herrhausen**
Big Sky Patriot
**excellent patriotic information site**
KAL Flight 007
"Over more than ten years of investigation, Michael Brun has collected and annalyzed evidence which indicates: that KAL 007's off course flight was intentional..."
"Official publication of the Saucers & Unexplained Celestial Events Research Society"
Th e Great Texas Bank Job
"...looted from the S & Ls and banks...that is a l.l Trillion dollar looting of the American people".
Missing Nuclear Bombs
"...Russian military had lost track of some of its nuclear weapons. ...He mentioned more than 100 suitcase-sized nuclear bombs, any one of which could kill up to 100,000 people".
Gallery Of U.S. Nuclear Tests
intriguing page showing some of the over 1000 atomic detonations conducted by the United States since (officially) 1945
Mark Of The Beast
fine page which shows that the technology is now ready for a global money and surveillance system to be implemented by 1/1/2000
Project Freedom--Congressman Ron Paul
great page of one of the very few Members of Congress who is obedient to our United States Constitution
The Intelligence Service
splendid site of Bill Cooper, author of the classic 500 page BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, a highly documented look at some of the most important aspects of the NWO conspiracy
James P. Wickstrom's Home Page
"I do believe that the United States is 'right-on-line' for a complete economic breakdown to be followed with massive civil disorder".
" hereby dedicate this effort to the men and women who have gone before sacrificing life, liberty and their sacred honor to preserve America..."
Nation In Distress
"Patriots, constitutionalists, musicians, sovereign citizens, political activists, patriot newspapers, militias and more"
JFK Assassination Web Page
"This web page has received the Gray Area Top 50 Award for being chosen as one of the top 50 sites dealing with controversial issues".
Rem ember Katanga!
"...June 30 avoid...Communist rule in the Congo...Katanga declared its independence. ...United Nations 'peacekeepers' to force Katanga back...two years of UN warmaking..."
Pa triot Report
"We are dedicated to getting the truth out to the nation that the liberal news media refuses to report". I subscribe to this excellent monthly print newsletter.
Can This Be Happening?
"...United Nations battle groups. They have been entering the United States Territory through Canada by Presendential Executive orders signed on November 11, 1990".
Dymocks Flyer: Near-Space Balloon
" 24 miles up...459 foot-wide balloon...flies above 99.6% of the earth's atmosphere on the very edge of space..."
Death Of Vincent Foster
" 'Don't believe a word you here. It was not suicide. It couldn't have been'.--Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell, 7/20/93, cited in Esquire, 11/93"
Mike & Claire--The Rancho Runnamukka
outstanding site by the same people responsible for the preceding link about the Foster assassination; much very interesting conspiracy information
Mark Smith's Home Page
"Look at this detention camp found on a Michigan National Guard Base".
Qui-Tam: On Behalf Of The People
"We have in good faith taken on the role of 'whistleblowers' with the U.S. Congress, exposing our personal knowledge of the multi-billion dollar fraud ring".
Minnesota Minuteman Militia
"This page is dedicated to the patriots of the United States of America. May the Lord be with us and our cause. ...we will never bow down to tyranny".
Have Gun--Will Travel
"...seldom been seen in syndication...because it's 'tainted' by violent content. ...Paladin killed many men, true enough--but his victims were always deserving..."
***125th LINK*** Patriot's Corner
splendid page offering valuable and very interesting information relating to our besieged Constitution
Giant Peruvian Amazon Boa
fascinating site about the 8-14-97 incident in which several eyewitnesses and hundreds of earwitnesses corroborated the visual evidence regarding the movement of an immense creature from land to water
Philadelphia Online/ Blackhawk Down
important accurate account of one aspect of the unconstitutional George Bush 1993 Somalia War
Pioneer Mountain Ammunition
"Ammunition worth a shot. Simply choose your favorite caliber. We pay shipping on any 1,000 rounds ordered. No sales tax in Montana".
Mind Control Forum
excellent page providing extensive evidence pertaining to major de facto government crimes, especially those of the CIA
_Conspiracy Theory_
Superb movie! This fascinating movie with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts is almost as interesting as my favorite normal-length movie: _Capricorn One_
Banker's Political Prisoner
"Congressman George Hansen declared innocent by U.S. Supreme Court; convicted and jailed four years...IRS...".
Judge Roy Bean's Real Justice
"This is a statement that Judge Bean gave a killer who was a general menace".
The Oregon Observer
"A newspaper should have no friends and seek the truth".
George Washington's Vision
" who risked everything for the freedom of our country. ...Washington was a man of great moral charactor. He was forthright, honest, charitable...considerate, kind and courteous".
Voices Of Citizens Together
"Citizenship/Sovereignty/Law ...'...illegal aliens here...enemies of this country have seeded that population with agents--for purposes of espionage, terror, assassination...'"
Carl Klang Music
"Singer, songwriter, entertainer--America's #1 patriotic singer".
Poker Face Music
"Rock House Records (Holland): '...very well produced. ... Paul Topete is the genius behind the band. They played the famous Bethlehem Musikfest, the largest festival in the world!'"
Crown Rights Book Company
"_Facts and Falsehoods Concerning the War on t he South_ (1904) George Edmonds 280 pages...explodes the Yankee myth...'freeing the slaves'."

Hollow Earth Theory, Constitutional Material, etcetera---(part three)

Area 51 Photo Gallery Index
***** 24 of my link descriptions disappeared on December 17, 1997. Substitution descriptions are abbreviated. ** many pictures of the most secretive military base
Vaccinat ions: The Facts!
** Ingredients include aluminum, formaldehyde, and mercury.
Traitor Within The Gates
excellent compilation of evidence concerning the rapidly growing NWO threat to freedom
Jefferson Davis Memorial Home Page
** Jefferson Davis was the only President of the CSA.
National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
** Our splendid Constitution required successful completion of this War.
Sec ond Amendment Online File Directory
large assortment of great items pertaining to the one portion of our Constitution which is crucial to the long term survival of our free Republic
Th e Case Involving Gordon Kahl
"...February 13,1983...a group of U.S. federal marshalls converged on Medina, North Dakota, intending to assassinate Gordon Kahl..."
Government Bombing of MOVE
"...May 13, 1985...a state police helicopter was used to drop a bomb on the roof. This started a fire that officials deliberately allowed to burn, burning down the entire block of some 60 homes".
Pine Gap: Australia's Area 51
"The United States has three major bases in Australia...This base is completely underground, with barely visible entrances to the surface...known as the Joint Defense Space Research Facility".
"All the news that's twisted to fit": very good true comedy site
Ronald Reagan and the Bushy Knoll
fascinating page demonstrates that there was much more to the attempted assassination of President Reagan on March 30, 1982 than the mainstream media would have us believe
Scandal Haunts Temple Murders
** The government covered up a six ton heroin theft.
W hat Happened To Dennis Lee?
"He discovered that over 50% of Wall Street's portfolio was invested in utilities...The demonstration, called 'The Declaration of Energy Independence', took place anyway".
Dixie Gun Works, Inc.
"Dixie Gun Works was started in 1948 and in 1954 was the first company in America to introduce mass production muzzleloading replica firearms".
The Turner Diaries
** online copy of book shunned by the de facto government
Reversing The UN Participation Act
** The US needs to break free of the UN.
Civil War Battles By State
comprehensive archives of all of the significant confrontations during the War For Southern Independence; page furnished by National Park Service
The Idaho Observer
** This is a great publication which promotes our Constitution.
Regiments Of The Confederate Army
** The Civil War had little to do with slavery.
El Disco--Best UFO + Paranormal Images
"Established in 1987, El Disco is now the largest known online photographic archive of UFOs..."
Second Amendment Committee
great site concerning the nearly gone right of all non-imprisoned U.S. citizens to not only keep guns, but also to bear them
Massacre Of The Branch Davidians
** seven of ten Amendments of Bill Of Rights violated
UFO BBS Home Page
engrossing site offers a massive collection of articles and pictures concerning gravity control vehicles
Jim Traficant, U.S. Representative
** He is one of very few honest Congressmen.
Light & Shadow
fascinating site supplying much information about some of the most important conspiracies
America's Top Secret Bases
superb page dealing with both Area 51 in Nevada and Dulce in New Mexico; both bases house classified gravity control vehicles and have extensive underground facilities
Ron Brown's Head Wound
** This guaranteed Brown would not survive the planned 'accident'.
The Rods Weekly News
** very odd and seldom seen aerial creatures
Federal Murder Of Kenneth Trentadue
** The feds definetly murdered this person.
Halabja, Kurdistan Massacre By Iraq
** Kurdistan is a country that was stolen decades ago.
The Mustard Seed
"You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments, rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe".--John Adams
Civil War Circuit
fabulous collection of over 75 web pages relating to the War For Southern Independence
WINDS--Oklahoma City Bombing Cover-up
** The de facto government certainly orchestrated the Oklahoma City Bombing.
Anti -Gun Companies And People
** Many celebrities and organizations oppose our crucial Second Amendment.
TWA 800 Case Files Newsletter
site presenting plenty of evidence that Flight 800 was definetly shot down by a missile and not brought down by a mechanical problem
Pine Gap: Largest Spy Base In The World
** This secret Australian facility dwarfs Area 51 in Nevada.
Black Helicopters--Fallout Magazine
** will be a major part of the NWO arsenal
Air Photo Evidence
** Much of World War Two history has been distorted.
Cryptozoology Zone
** This page involves numerous peculiar uncaptured creatures.
That Special Truck
** photo of Ryder truck public isn't supposed to see
Jeff Head's Liberty Page
** Here's an important site very supportive of our Constitution.
United States Theatre Command
"...desire for freedom, a hope for posterity, and a Constitutional Republican form of government, just as our founding fathers planned".
Wolfe's Lodge--Claire's Den
** another fine page that strongly promotes our Constitution
Lincoln Post-Assassination Body Count
"Baker seems to have persisted in trying to expose a wide conspiracy involving Stanton and other very powerful persons as behind the death of Abraham Lincoln. Baker feared for his life".
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